Promotional Products Made From Recycled Paper

Recycling paper is hugely popular as we’re all educated on the benefits of recycling. We’ve got a massive range of writing pads made from recycled paper at P…

Dallas: 8 Unique Products to Sell

From the trade show floor at ASI Dallas I noticed some unique products with interesting characteristics — see them now in my video. Distributors and suppliers were excited about them and they’re items that a variety of customers will be interested in. Products featured are: 1)Custom foliage and cactus terrarium, from MEDF/Custom Concepts (asi/68232) 2)Crayo-Craze Six-Color Crayon Wheel, from Liqui-Mark (asi/67675) 3) Jack-in-the-Box Candy Tin, from Del Rey Gourmet (asi/49120) 4) Plantable CD Mailer, from Symphony Handmade Seed Papers (asi/74930) 5) USB Tangle Hub, from Prime Line (asi/79530) 6) BooShirt, made with 70% bamboo, from AddVenture Products (asi/31940) 7) Cell Number Keeper, back-up for your phone’s SIM card, from Magna-Tel (asi/68480) 8) Green Line USB Bamboo Drive, from All-In-One (asi/34256)
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