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Let’s Play: Chex Quest Level 1

sorry about the volume, ZDsoft can record pretty loud. to start off my let’s play series I’m going to play Chex Quest. I haven’t touched this game since I was like 8! For those of you who don’t know what Chex Quest is, Chex Quest is a total conversion of the computer game Doom (specifically Ultimate Doom). This game, notable for being the first video game ever to be included in cereal boxes as a prize, was found in boxes of Chex cereal in 1996.[1] In addition to the original game, Digital Café later made a sequel to Chex Quest called Chex Quest 2, which was only available for download on the Internet. Eventually the promotion ended and the game’s availability effectively stalled until it was posted for download on fan pages several years later. In September 2008, a second sequel, Chex Quest 3 was developed and released as a service to fans by former Digital Café members Charles Jacobi (art director and lead artist) and Scott Holman (programmer). Within the active Chex Quest fan community, numerous unofficial projects have been undertaken and several completed. Examples which have arguably entered the fanon include a fan-made Chex Quest 4 (which the author no longer allows to be distributed), and such .wad and Game Maker sequels as Return of the Chex Warrior, Chex Quest Project, and the Chex Quest platformer. Aside from Chex Trek, almost all releases now run solely on the GZDoom engine. Chex Quest won both the Golden Reggie Award for Promotional Achievement and the Silver